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    "In 1965 Troop 260 was meeting at Kirk Elementary School on Foxworthy Avenue. I bridged up from Pack 260 that also met at the same school.  Pack 267, which started in 1963, also met at Kirk School and several of our first Eagle Scouts came from that pack as well. Mr. Martinez was the Scoutmaster of Troop 260 at that time and I was told that though the Troop was about 25 years old they had yet to produce an Eagle Scout. Old records show one Eagle Scout award being presented in the early 1930's to a Scout in Troop 60 which is thought to be the original number for the Troop, but we cannot find records that show that progression. There were about 30-35 Scouts in the Troop at the time of my Den joining the Troop and several of the older Scouts were Life Scouts. Interestingly enough none of those made Eagle but several from our Den and subsequent Dens did finally bring the honor of an Eagle to the Troop. 
    Instrumental to that accomplishment was one particular Scoutmaster by the name of George Kinkel. Mr. Kinkel was a Marine and an Eagle Scout and his example, not just to the boys but the parents as well, was extraordinary. His leadership shaped so much of the Troop and what it had become that his influence still is felt today. Mr. Kinkel led from the front, did not hesitate to get his knees dirty and had a smile that cut through hardest hikes.
    Gary Eck was our 1st Eagle Scout shortly followed by Gary McCauley, both very good friends and schoolmates of mine. I was the 5th Eagle in the Troop. Mr. Kinkel awarded my rank to me that day. Over the next nearly 4 decades Scores more would follow in Gary's original footsteps with the Troop averaging about 2 Eagles a year. Not bad...Mr. Kinkel would be pleased.
    Today, both packs are gone and largely forgotten; Kirk is now a community center. The Troop moved to current location when the school closed.   I have continued with the Troop through my adulthood into my middle years. My daughter, Dena, now grown and with kids her own, went on many Troop 260 and Post 260 outings before she could walk. Dena went on her first 50 when she was 8 years of age. Her sons will be Cub age in a few years. Her two brothers, Nick & Chris, are in the Troop now and I find myself again reflecting on so many of the lessons learned from Mr. Kinkel so many years ago as I watch them on their own Trail of the Eagle now. They are growing into fine young men. Scouts has a way of doing that.    
    Many other parents and leaders have contributed so very much to the Troop over the years. Some I remember only by their last names from when I was a Scout myself. Instrumental leaders of the past like Mr. Donahart, Mr. Gund, Wally Eck, Glen Hills, Mr. McCauley, Mr. Bailey, Glen Fitzsimmons, Mel Sommer, Dean Wilder, Glen Williams, Dr. Michael Cahn and Brad Jensen along with so many leaders, parents and committee members that all shaped and contributed to the continuing success of Troop 260.

And many thanks to you Mr. Kinkel!!!

 Nic Matulich, ASM                                                                                                                                                                                                2007

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