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November 23, 2017
Change some email links in contact page to .org, some prep for new .org site for DC  1.5 hrs NJM
November 22, 2017
Remove links to sections being eliminated, Crew 260 references. 1 hrs NJM
November 17, 2017
Add new website coming banner, change contacts and query pages, backup site, some prep for new .org site for DC  5.5 hrs NJM
June 23, 2017
More cleanup. Fix or improve some links. 2 hrs NJM
February 3, 2017
Cleanup, add photos. 1.5 hrs NJM
December 3, 2016
Various, Calendar 2.75 hrs NJM
May 23, 2016
Site maint, lists. 3.25 hrs NJM
December 14, 2015
Site Maint, new calendar 3.5 hrs NJM
April 7, 2015
More cleanup. Fix some links, clean out calendars folders. 2 hrs NJM
February 13, 2015
Cleanup, add photos. 4.5 hrs NJM
January 26, 2015
More cleanup. Fix some links, tie-in pages. Create History and Past web pages. 6 hrs NJM
January 26, 2015
Cleanup, reconfigure links. 2.5 hrs NJM
December 28, 2014
Added links for Monthly Outingd Youtubes. 3.5 hrs NJM
December 18, 2014
Cleanup. 2.5 hrs NJM
October 26, 2014
P-slip changes,additions. 2.5 hrs NJM
September 14, 2014
Created slideshows 2014 activities. 4.5 hrs NJM
August 18, 2014
Added links to SWW Youtube, Hope Valley Mar. 3.5 hrs NJM
August 18, 2014
Mar Castlerock Photos. 2.5 hrs NJM
August 17, 2014
Created 5 Mar slideshowa for 2012-14 activities Created Community Outreach page. 6.5 hrs NJM
August 16, 2014
Created 4 Mar slideshowa for 2012-14 activities. 3.5 hrs NJM
August 15, 2014
Created 2014 CHS page and Mar 2014 CHS slideshw. 4.5 hrs NJM
August 12, 2014
Site Backup. Created SWWW main page, 2001 and 2014 sub-pages, created Mar, McDaid and Matulich 2014 slideshows. 7.75 hrs NJM
December 12, 2013
Site Backup. Changed layout and sectioning for the Resources Page, added Past Years Calendars, made various changes and adjustments to the leadership page. Changed picture for Matt G. on eagles nest page. 9.5 hrs NJM
December 12, 2013
Site Backup. Changed layout and sectioning for the Resources Page, added Past Years Calendars, made various changes and adjustments to the leadership page. Changed picture for Matt G. on eagles nest page. 9.5 hrs NJM
May 14, 2013
Changed Forms page to resources page, added How To section and Wilderness Canoeing YouTube embed. 2.0hrs NJM
February 20, 2013
Created video from Wilderness Canoe PPT and posted to You Tube 2.5hrs NJM
December 6, 2012
Created and added Elkhorn 2011 slideshow. Modified slisdeshow generator for existing Elkhorn slideshows. 3.5hrs NJM
Novenber 15, 2012
More changes, created and added Castlerock 2005 slideshow. 2.75hrs NJM
October 24, 2012
Numerous changes to reduce page length. Re-linked leaders page to topmenu. Added and updated to leaders page. 4hrs NJM
October 22, 2012
Numerous changes to reduce page levels. Relocated Eagles Nest, Pictures, Portals and Forms to topmenu. Abandoned Leaders and Supporters, Resources, intermediate Pictures selections, and History pages and links. Remove extraneous forms and links to old calendars and Council forms. Permission slips and current calendars are now accessed from main page, removed those old pages and links. 6 hrs NJM
October 18, 2012
Removed Resources, Pictures and History links. Cancelled Bonus Button. 3hrs NJM
October 3, 2012
Linked Nick Rayado slideshow on RAYADO PAGE, Re-titled calendar links, new med form up, deleted unused tour plan link. Added sneak-peak on home page for 2013 calendar. Nobody has found bonus button yet. Doc really does have something to do with the button!! 3hrs NJM
September 26, 2012
Uploaded Nick Rayado slideshow, created Rayado page linked off of Philmont page. Added Rayado Philmont link to leadership page. Changed Philmont link on 50s page. Nobody has found bonus button yet. Doc has something to do with the button I think. 5hrs NJM
September 6, 2012
Uploaded Lassen 50 slideshow and Lexington slide show and added links to 50 and monthly pages. Sent hint out about bonus button. 4hrs -NJM
September 5, 2012
Rearranged home page, added SIR page and a link under program on HP, Gurdwara slideshow. Added Crew link to progam section on HP. 6hrs -NJM
August 26, 2012
CHS YouTube for 2010. Added to Doc Photo page, made changes to Doc page adding slideshow. 4.5hrs -NJM
July 20-26, 2012
Lots of changes and additions. Added Doc photo page and Crew Activities to wild page, CHS for 2011 and 2012, Umunhum 2-2012. Many other small changes and corrections. Added Bonus button to a page. 7hrs NJM
April 15, 2012
Congratulations to John B. for finding the the bonus button at the bottom of this page. Look for another Bonus Button sometime in May. .75hrs -NjM
April 9, 2012
Added YouTube link to main page. Still no takers on the bonus button at the bottom of this page . -NjM
March 8, 2012
Added YouTube link to resources page. MHT of current site added to Past Web. Still no takers on the bonus button at the bottom of this page. 2hrs -NjM
March 7, 2012
Continued reworking Adult leaders page, began on Eagle's Nest page; renamed and PHP'd. No takers on the bonus button at the bottom of this page . 4.75hrs -NjM
March 6, 2012
Reworking Adult leaders page; PHP'd. No takers on the bonus button at the bottom of this page . 3hrs -NjM
March 1, 2012
Began assembling the Doc pages. Placed bonus button at the bottom of this page. 5hrs -NJM
January 2, 2012
Corrected links on Calendar pages. Replaced links to new National forms. Changed titles and description on Site news Page. Changed description on About page. 2hrs -NJM
December 16, 2011
Added new and old Eagle Project workbooks in WORD template (.dot) and Eagle Application in .pdf to new section on resource page. 3hrs -NJM
April 11, 2011
Test indexalt12.php and installed it has direct link to P-Slips, moved P-Slips from Resources page to p_slips.php. Changed order on history page history.php. 6.5hrs -NJM
March 28, 2011
Multiple changes to our websites have been put in place.The most important ones are; Changes to opening page; Activation of a link to a Troop History page. This page has links to the various past and present 260 family of units and is still under construction. A links to the Eagles of Troop 260 page work in progress. A link to the Leadership and supporters page work in progress. Removed Historical Pictures Link and moved to History page Changes to Resources page; Moved all past Troop calendars to a new archive page. Added Troop and Scout related links section to Resource page. Moved TroopMaster Portal to this section. Removed outdated National Tour permit link under permits and forms. 9hrs -NJM
March 26, 2011
Added Website Links, moved TM Portal link on Resources page. 1hr-NJM
January 28, 2011
Added Facebook plugins, removed map from main page, left view map click. 1.25hrs -NJM
December 11, 2010
TroopMaster Portal on Resource Page. Added and changed some contact info on Conact Page. 1hr -NJM
December 1,2010
New CGI contact forms for T&C. 3hrs -NJM
November 28, 2010
Corrected Weblo's Calendar and links. .5hrs -NJM
October, 2010
Secured,, and T&C .org's pointed to .com's. Moved files to .com sites. 5.5 hrs -NJM
August 10, 2010
Weblo activity sheet link to main page. -NJM
July 20, 2010
Added CGI contact form. 1.5hrs -NJM
March 15, 2010
Shortened topmenu, moved blank perm slp and ref. 2hrs -NJM
November 17, 2009
A new activity calenday with Webelo-friendly activities was added to the site. -WZ
September 6, 2009
Created Resident Camp and Fifties. Added full load test photo content to same and Monthly Outings and Service projects. 6hrs -NJM
September 3, 2009
Added Acrobat Reader download link to resources page. Rearranged Pictures page slightly, reworded the link to old site pictures for outings and service projects. Cleaned out root directory. Reset EN and COH files. Removed temp homepage. Full BU of site files. -NJM
September 2, 2009
Added reimbursement form to forms page. -NJM
September 1, 2009
Expanded "About" page Factoid points and added link to HTML pages for historical. Modified mission statement. -NJM Choice of a backpacking stove or a pocket knife (Scouts) or a sheath knife (Venture).
August 31, 2009
Added Permission slips, calendars, forms & outing equipment lists. -NJM
June 20, 2009
More work has been done on the Pictures page, and albums should be added shortly! There is a LOT to share there! -WZ
June 15, 2009
Permission slip links are up and active now, and we have some new information in the About Troop 260 section. -WZ
May 18, 2009
More updates! Links to existing troop pictures are being added. -WZ
May 4, 2009
We have added links to our activity calendars and outing permission slips. -WZ
January 7, 2009
The new troop website has officially been started today. Content will be moved from the old site, and formatted to work with the new site layout. Activity calendars, outing permission slips and contact information will be added as soon as possible. -WZ
January 6, 2009
Discussions about the new troop website have been held, and the new site has started its development. Stay tuned for upcoming content! -WZ
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